Companion app for diabetes management

All treatment data logged on your Actiste device is automatically synced with the Actiste Companion app. The app is part of the Actiste service and is available for both Android and Apple devices.

  • See a clear overview of treatment data, aimed at better diabetes management.
  • Set blood glucose target values and track results in a weekly or monthly view.
  • Record events and add tags for meals, workouts, mood and more.
  • Set smart reminders. Alerts are only sent when a scheduled activity is not performed within a given time interval.

The Actiste subscription

Actiste products and services are offered by subscription. Refills of lancets, test strips and needles (needles not for Actiste Mini) are automatically sent to the user before they run out.

An Actiste starter pack includes:

  • An Actiste device
  • Access to the Actiste Companion app for Android and Apple
  • Medical power adapter
  • User instructions
  • Quick start guide
  • Technical data sheet
  • 600 lancets, 600 test strips and 500 needles (needles not for Actiste Mini)

Why Actiste?

Learn more about the global diabetes challenge and how Actiste can be a part of the solution.

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